home. decor.

it's an understatement to say that i live, breath, eat, dream....all things home decor. i fantasize about the home i will one day own and decorate to my heart's desire. even for the apartment that I currently live in with my roommate Christy, i am constantly on the prowl for just one more pillow, or frame, or lamp. (LOVE lamps.)

with a trip to IKEA this past Saturday, I was on the hunt for a large piece of art for above the TV. well, i found something!
DALLAS to be exact. a giant, beautiful shot of downtown Dallas is now decorating that big wall above the TV.

AND i found two lamps. at $9.99 each, i couldn't resist. so, i put together the lamps and hung the art and wa-laa!

the living room is now complete. (i think : )

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