yesterday was one of those amazing days in which you have not a worry in the world or a care for your hair. i was lucky enough to not have any plans for the day and simply went where the wind took me.

and thankfully, it lead me right where i needed to be- outside. sounds simple enough. like that place a few steps beyond my front door. but unfortunately, i realized that it has been MONTHS since i have really taken the time to enjoy mother nature and feel the wind in my hair, the sun on my face. and it was AMAZING.

i've been feeling this crazy, overwhelming, life-crisis situation going on inside of me for the past few weeks. nothing out of the ordinary for a 26 year-old girl who's entire facebook wall is filled with wedding pics, engagement pics, proposal stories, sonogram pics, status updates on all things wedding and baby. just typing that out makes me want to vom : ) you know, THOSE type of things... and feeling like i am behind. when i KNOW in my heart i am not and as my mother reminds me, we all have our own timeline in life and i cannot compare my life and journey to anyone else's. ok. done with that vent session.

back to why yesterday was so perfect. i got to sit outside, write in my journal, and enjoy life in those still, quiet moments. my soul was so content. my heart happy. i was living my day and my life, just how i wanted it. i joked that i am really some tree-hugging, hippie nature girl with a bird soul that is meant to live in a tree somewhere. because THAT is when i am most alive, me, refreshed, and happy. when i am outside.

thankful for the beauty of yesterday. for girlfriends. for laughs. for the reminder that each day is a new day and all will simply be, OK.

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