2012. welcome back.

today I sat at a local coffee shop and wrote in my journal. something i have failed to do for FAR to long.

while detailing my day today to Geno in one of our, er MY, overly detailed phone conversations, he then suggested that I start blogging again. so, here i go....

twenty-twelve. I have this really awesome feeling that this is going to be a crazy-great year. nothing stands out in particular. oh wait, did i mention that 2012 is the year Geno McNeil MOVES TO DALLAS! for real. for permanent. not just for the summer. in 2009, the year we met, 2012 felt like light-years away. and now,only a few months stand between he and I and his move southward to the great state of Texas. oh yes, that could be why i think 2012 will be a crazy-great year : )

aside from that, my lovely Cor Jesu/St. Louis friend, Sarah, has recently moved to Dallas as well! one by one I am wrangling my closest friends to this great state. it truly is so wonderful to have close friends, especially from home, within a 10 minute drive. good for those rainy day afternoons to watch movies and chat, as well as to run to Target with on a Wednesday night. SO happy and excited Sarah has chosen to move to Dallas and for a dear friend to make lots more memories with.

2012. thanks for welcoming me back dear blog of mine. thanks for waiting patiently for the day i would return, and blab and blab and blab on and on about the most random of adventures and thoughts and feelings. i think i have already settled back in nicely : )


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