a fresh start.

i have never been more thankful for a fresh start. a new beginning. another time to step up to the starting line, and move forward in the journey of life.

last monday, i received just that. the first day of a new school year, the first day of the second year of geno and myself dating apart, and the first day of a new me.

and funny thing is, just the day before, was an ending day. a good-bye day. a sort of sad day. it was the last day of summer, the last day of one of the best summer's of my life, the day my sweet guy drove back to kansas. i felt how i felt, fully and completely, and thanked God for the many amazing memories, blessings, and people He has placed in my life.

i went to bed, and woke up...to a new day.

i felt ready. alive. like "this next year i am going to kick ass in this game called life!!!" pardon my french. but that's how i felt : ) i felt energized for the week ahead. balanced. and calm. calm in a comforted by God sense, calm in a there is no need to worry and stress sense. and BOY, did it feel good!

last week God provided me with a great deal of busyness, wonderful friend moments, good phone calls, yoga class and long walks, a lot of energy, a new favorite spot, and peace in my soul. for each of these things i am VERY grateful. i have learned not to expect anything, to appreciate the little things, and to let go. it's funny how for this worry-wart, over thinking, detail orientated, thousand of question asking girl....that when i stop asking questions. listen. and let go. i can see things just as i think i am meant to be seeing them.

here's to another week! in which i will continue to be still, and listen for the Lord's whisper.

.to a beautiful day.

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