great song. and it seems rather appropriate for the direction i THINK my life may be headed. not in any BIG ways, per se. more like small little changes that i am seeking out/doing/pursuing.

1) i cut SEVEN inches off my hair today! not any new crazy hair-do, but it's amazing how much lighter i felt when those inches hit the floor!! i just needed a change. something new. it's hair. it grows. and it felt quite liberating to just go in there and chop-it-OFF!!! a small change. but an exciting and big one in terms of just DOING it!

2) this weekend i literally brought a third of my entire wardrobe and spread it out onto my back patio, (that's what has to happen when you live in a teensy house and need a space larger than 5x5) I made a give-away/garage sale/donate pile. that's all one pile- don't be confused. hey, i had to start somewhere! and a "keep it because even though you haven't worn it since high-school there may be that ONE theme party or day when it is absolutely necessary to bring out the camo capri pants." oh lord, did i just admit that i own those??? I haven't EVER (pinkie promise) worn them, but for some strange reason i can not rationalize throwing them out. hmmmm...ok, i sound like a crazy! might have to go move those to the give-away pile.

again, this isn't a huge, life-improving change...but it's something i have yet to do in the almost three years since i've called dallas home, and it just feels GOOD to de-clutter. and clean out the closets. and hopefully give them to someone who needs them a lot more than i do. and hey, let's be honest, it will make some space for something....dare i say....new. : )

3) have you heard of Groupon? Well, I bought my first groupon the other day. it's for a month of yoga at a studio near my home. I LOVE yoga. and just feel soooo much better when i am practicing it. however, with my crazy schedule it gets hard to add to my everyday life and is also quite expensive at most places in dallas. so when i saw this awesome deal, i hit "buy buy buy" right away! I am waiting to go until i know i have a month of time in which my days are a littttttle more predictable (aka- September sounds good : ) i am very much looking forward to trying a new studio, new teachers, as well as adding some ommmmmmmm back into my daily life. a small change, or rather addition, to my life- but i think it will be really quite rewarding!

so those are just a few of the small changes in the life of me. nothing big. nothing major. but just the perfect amount of spicing up and pizazz that we often forget to add to our daily lives! and for me, these little things are what keep me going, keep life interesting, and best of all...help me continue to grow as an individual.

.to a beautiful life.

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