hello blog. it's me. hydrated and ready for what's in store

yes yes. i haven't been the, shall i say, BEST, blogger. lately. er, actually...in a while. and you know what - instead of reprimanding myself (which i'm not really sure what sort of punishment that would entail....) i am going to simply just accept it. i blog when i feel like blogging. and i live in between. this blog is more or less for me to get my silly, rambling, sometimes serious thoughts out of my head and onto paper. and i like to think that if i'm to busy to actually sit in front of my computer (and let me tell you with an iphone, SITTING in front of my computer or giving my computer any attention at all now-a-days is a rare occurrence. what did i do before this technological genius?!? THANK YOU Jo Ellen! You truly are tecnho savvy : ) and Frankmas is the best holiday idea ever : )

so yes, i believe if i am too busy to sit down and turn the computer on, and pull up the Internet, and write a post...then i must be doing some whole-heck-of-a-lotta good livin! yep. that's exactly what i've been doing.

more on those juicy details later. (not really juicy at all. just seeing what sort of responses i'd get for saying that....)

so in honor 0f 2010...i am going to start with a good dose of honesty. i admit. i am a water snob. so much so that i know which restaurants, fast food chains, bottles, taps, rivers, and oceans have the best water. i LOVE drinking water. however, not just any water will do.

favorite bottled water : FIJI.
i truly believe there is something BETTER about it. i mean, it's FIJIAN water. that just sounds purer and more sophisticated. gosh i sound rediculous. but a bottle of fiji at the frugal price of $5.00 a pop will be sure to hydrate my each and every pore. at least that's what i tell myself.

favorite water to-go: Starbucks.
Is it wrong to like the water at starbucks better than the oh so caffeinated product that keeps many people in this world awake and going? well i do. and i'll tell you why. i even have a valid reason for this one. it's TRIPLE, yes, TRIPLE filtered. ask any starbucks barista and they will tell you that in fact their water is sought out, refilled, and enjoyed by many a customer. myself included. "i'd like an iced tall, soy, white chocolate mocha, no whip, and a VENTI ICED WATER. please?" that is my order. and with not only one, but two drinks in hand, my day just got a little better.

favorite water presentation at a restaurant: this way.
that my friend, is this water lovers idea of perfection. this picture doesn't do it justice, so let me explain. just enough ice cubes. a red straw with the paper left on the top (i'm not a freak of a germ phobe, but the paper-left-on-the-straw touch is always an appreciated one.) add a nice yellow lemon slice to top it off and i am good to go! i also have this theory that lemon water somehow promotes weight loss, but it could just be that tricky thing called...WATER. weight. darn. : )

so yes, i'm a water snob. there's good water. gross water. aka - the water that comes out of my kitchen faucet. and water that fits somewhere in-between. good ol' H.2.O.

you are one of earth's most beloved resources. and you are certainly one of mine.

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