amen to that.

i have had this wonderful sense of peace, and calm, and gratitude the past few days, especially today.

in this great big, beautiful world of ours....i am so small. so much is going on around us, as well as within each of us. we all have our own struggles and challenges, and during these times i find the simplest of phrases often help to keep things in perspective.

my grandma gave me something many years ago with the following quote on it, that for some odd reason i've memorized and kept in my "save for a rainy day" brain file. it goes:

Yesterday is gone,

tomorrow may never come.

But always there is today.

And today is an ever-present opportunity

to make ourselves and those around us

truly happy.

so simple. yet, so true.

thankful for this day. this life. and everything that makes it so great.

p.s. my fortune cookie just told me this...

Amen to that : )

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