what's your light style?

i love christmas lights. a huge fan of those big bright bulbs strung all over the house and tree and heck every shrub too, while you're at it. but i have to wonder WHAT in the heck some people are thinking when they envision just the way they will decorate their home for the holidays. to me, it's sort of like when you get dressed in the morning...what will i wear today to represent myself and walk out into the world for everyone to see? except in this case, you'd be wearing it for about a month. point in case - choose wisely. so i thought i'd drive around my neighborhood and share with you exhibit A-E of the many different "ways" per se to show your personal light style.

the ever so simple, hanging icicle lights. the basic cardigan sweater if you will, with some bidazzle beads or sequins for a little extra flare. but come on, at least buy a second package for that other lonely side of the house.

orrrrrrrrrrr.....kick it up a notch with an awesome, GINORMOUS blow-up santa. it's as tall as the house. perfect.

my personal favorite. classic white lights strung along the gutter, with a simple, beautiful, similarly clad christmas tree shining through the front window. love it.

never quite understood the giant blow up balls (gerbil ball style) with santa spinning around or snow falling on the dry snowman. cute? maybe. just never got this one : )

and now for the prize-winning, best in show, very creative and the Lord only knows how long it took to put up...exhibit E. icicle lights. santa and his flying reindeer ready to touch down on the front lawn. trees, sidewalks, and bushes all aglow. an enlarged photo in the front window. this would be classified as a mix between a tacky christmas sweater, and your best sunday outfit. hard to imagine? well, this is it : )

happy holidays! what's your light style?

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