dAnCiNg tHrOuGh LiFe

thanks to a beautiful start to the morning, and the sweet sound of the wicked soundtrack echoing through my home....I really am dancing through life...

There is nothing better than a beautiful, crisp, fall, morning, blue skies, the warm sunshine streaming through the windows...nothing better to start my day off just right!

After two months of literally wondering if I needed to build an ark, I am SO thankful for the sunshine and happy weather.

Just wanted to share that for the moment. And also write to say, that I am so incredibly blessed and thankful for everyone in my life, for the many wonderful places I get to "work", for my family and silly siblings who make me laugh (mom and dad, you do too : ) and especially for the little things that add spice to each day, which make life so special!

to a beautiful day and dancing through life!

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