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I finished a book today. And although I'd like to pretend that this is a normal, no-big-deal feat, well, it really is just that. A feat.

I am the girl who wrote 15-page papers in college on a book or assignment that I barely read the first three pages of, or, at best, the cliff notes. I wish I could say that reading was one of my hobbies (although I am consciously working on adding it to my top 10 list of favorite things to do) but I have this problem, well, let's not call it a problem, that sounds a little to negative, it's more of...I have this "personality trait" where I like answers right away. (Patience is a virtue right? : ) I need to know the ending before "Once upon a time," and really just want to know that everyone lived and ended up happily ever after....

Probably why movies and I have some issues too. But the first step to any problem is admitting that you have one, so I guess I'm on my way to possibly becoming the next speed-reading-marathon-movie-watching girl. we'll see : )

So back to the book I finished today. It's called "The Geography of Love." It is a memoir, written in very much the same style and tone as the way in which I imagine myself as a writer to be (like novel, published book writer...not this sort of...you know what I mean.) It made me smile, cry (multiple times), view the power of unconditional love in a way I have yet to experience, feel gratitude and appreciation for those I love most in a deeper way, and ultimately helped me realize just how precious our time here on earth really is.

I won't go into more detail about the book itself...but I do want to write a little more about the concept of not taking for granted the people who are in our lives. It is often those people who know our every quirk, weakness, strength, eye color, the way we brush our teeth, those who have raised us, grown up with us in the same household, those whom we have chosen to love for a moment in time, or for forever, our best friends, children, family, spouses, co-workers...

THOSE are the people who we hold closest to our hearts, but often treat the worst. I ask myself, "Why is this?" Myself included, I think if we all woke up every day and decided to treat everyone with the same love, respect, kindness, warmth, genuine spirit and honesty, I think the world would smile, and we would all be a little happier.

Unconditional love. That is what we are meant to show and express to those special few who make up our human life force.
Love offered without any condition of reciprocation or merit. No quid pro quo, the presence of genuine love defined by nothing more than value. -The Geography of Love

Maybe this is again just one of those Caitlin wishful thinking perfect world scenarios...But I have to believe, that if through good times and bad, through ups and downs, through frustrations and celebrations, through growth and growing up, if we always acted out of love, we would look back with less regret, fuller hearts, deeper bonds, and a strong understanding of those very two words. unconditional love.

Hard? Definitely. Something to work towards? It certainly can't hurt. : )

.to a beautiful life.

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Christine Maxwell said...

I 'loved' what you wrote about the "Geography of Love" by Glenda Burgess Grunzweig.
Having also read the book, I can't recommend it highly enough. You have manged to encapsulate in a few choice words its essence - I hope all who read your blog will be inspired to read it too.
Christine Maxwell.