a lucky girl i am

you know...i am one lucky girl. it may sound a little selfish, but my life is filled with so many incredible blessings - i literally don't know what i did to deserve them. and after watching a few sappy movies (or really just the endings...you know, the most emotional part) and reading a sad novel, and having to say good-bye to people i love, i realize how important it is to NEVER take these people, places, or things for granted.

i feel like sometimes i sit upon my happy-high-horse (great mental picture. wait, actually that would be nice. in the middle of nowhere...a beach maybe...on a horse...around sunset...SEE i'm getting carried away already : )

so back to my analogous high-horse....i've been told once or twice that i am quite a happy person. and i would agree...on most days : ) but i think it stems from the fact that i realize that everything, every day, every person, is a blessing. and in times of being selfish and complaining and ungrateful, if i step back, i quickly come to my senses and remember that these things are put into my life for a reason, and as a great gift, to be cherished and appreciated.

not an easy task. but let's take ONE day for example. every day, from sun-up to sun-down, there are thousands of things that fill my life for which i should be grateful. i am healthy, and able to wake up each day in my beautiful, humble abode (ok..i may complain about the cats...but really...well, ok i can't deny it, i'd really be thankful for the absence of the cats...but it could be worse...say, for example...raccoons? oh wait- have those too!) and i get to be around children and teach them. TEACH them. what an amazing gift. and i get to go outside whenever i feel like it and enjoy the sunshine. and meet friends for dinner and enjoy a delicious meal. and talk to my family and friends who make me smile. and LISTEN and LOVE and LEARN on a daily basis. THOSE are the simple, incredible, wonderful things that make life go round. and for that...i am eternally grateful. because of those things, i am one lucky girl.

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