my sister is hilarious. almost as funny as ellen

i would like to introduce to you, a very special person in my life. my sister. my hilarious-soon-to-be-19-year-old sister.

i have never known a sillier, more carefree, happy-go-lucky, doesn't give a care in the world about what anyone thinks of her (however, she often tells me to stop acting silly when we are in wal mart. hmmm...i think there's something wrong with that, but oh well.) no matter what...even in the most serious, or light-hearted of times, even miles apart, from her dorm room in Mobile, Alabama. my sister can make me laugh.

and to me, laughing is the ONE thing a day i absolutely CANNOT live without. literally. i live and love to laugh. laughing so hard until your stomach hurts. laughing alone in your house (oh wait...or am i just describing my latest laugh scenario?) laughter. i love it.

so for those of you know don't know...i love ellen too. i tivo her show every day, and enjoy curling up on my couch after a long day, laughing so hard i can't breath at her sumo like people sprinting full speed ahead just to grab a pineapple...and watch them roll over and over without either of them successfully grabbing it. or watching dennis quaid "order" coffee from starbucks...with the help of ellen...in a very interesting fashion. (i love it so much i'm sharing the clip. please watch)

AND, i also love my sister. today she took the time to take a video of her dorm room (probably just showing off her cool new mac. whatever, i like my toshiba) with play-by-play of every square inch of it (and herself). she then sent me a message with the minute-by-minute breakdown of her weekend trip to New Orleans (note: she didn't know, nor did she understand WHY it is called NOLA. i'll let her figure that one out : ) and i was literally CRYING in laughter with myself.

point being. laughing. laughter. laughs. some of the best things that people can share. no matter what mood you are in, or what sort of crappy day you've had...having someone (or the TV) around to make you laugh is one of the best gifts you could be given. or give. thanks sis. i love you!

so sit back, laugh, and then laugh some more!

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jeni said...

one of my FAVORiTE ellen's!