words strung together

happy monday! this is a big week. not that every other week isn't a big week, but this is a bigger week. My sister (and every other 18 year old) starts college! I will have my first week as a teacher, teaching art to actual kids in a CLASSROOM! And I am also going to teach a few middle-aged women how to paint. on canvas. as in they intend to go home and hang it over the mantel. let me remind you...i've never painted a THING in my entire life, much less taught an "adult" anything. i maybe painted something back in 8th grade...and if i remember correctly i believe it was some sort of "abstract" art. heck, everything i've ever done has been abstract. but it should be a really wonderful week of "firsts!" I'm super excited for new beginnings and all that is in store. (don't worry case...i have full confidence in my abilities to teach...i just have to write out my mini worries : )

that's a great segue in fact. writing. my release. i write to get these silly, random, hot, cold, zillions of ideas, out of my head, and onto paper. or into the cyber world (that's actually sort of scary when you think about it. ANYONE could be reading what i write. crazy.) so before this blog, i captured everything i would write in my journal. those pages have been filled since i was in 2nd grade. clearly, i started this deep thinking situation at a very young age. anywho- i also would sometimes type out these "poem-esque" thoughts in a word document, whenever i didn't feel like using a pen i guess???

i was just going through my old documents on my laptop...and came across these words strung together, and figured i'd add it to the blog menu. not really sure what spurred these thoughts. i actually forgot i wrote this, but I'm glad i found and re-read it. here tis...

"In the midst of confusion...lies order.
In the midst of darkness, somewhere there lies light.
Before peace, comes disorder.
Before the end, lies the beginning.
Before understanding, comes confusion.
At each moment in time, someone or something, is somewhere along the journey of reaching each of these concepts. Life is one big circle, one continuous realm of ups and downs. But it is what we decide to choose to do within each of our circles that ultimately brings about order, creates light, peace, and understanding, and unites the beginning with the end."

funny how i wrote, just this last entry, about life...and searching for things, and looking for answers, and going places. i guess i've thought about this once before. it really is one big circle : )

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