life: a work in progess

hi. i'm back. just for a quick little thought. life. such an amazing sequence of days, hours, people, moments, experiences, letters, lessons, numbers, questions (sometime answers), laughs, cries, opportunities, sunrises, and sunsets. and each day, well- maybe not EACH day, but most days, whether we know it or not, we are trying to figure something out. how to do this better, or make that easier, or love deeper, or understand why, or fix this, or be a better person. it's constant. and sometimes yes, a little overwhelming, but we are given SO SO much, that i think that it is our duty to make the best out of everything we are given. in order to build incredible and amazing relationships. and dig deep inside and take a look at ourselves, in order to be our very best self. and to love deeply with an open heart. and to live a life that sets an example through one's actions that you have taken responsibility and ownership of the precious moments and people you have been given, and do everything you can to learn from these things, grow because of these things, and understand their true purpose in this thing we call life: a work in progress.

sleepy girl. hope your day was filled with lots of sunshine. oh how i miss the cool(er) st. louis days of fall. oh wait, it's still august : ) yey for fridays....cheers!

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