a very special summer (part one)

well, i guess you could say that i have somewhat failed at "blogging" successfully....but you know what....that just means that i can write for days now....and have nearly enough blog material to fill an entire almanac.

so.....here we go friends!

first of all....in THREE days, I have my first meeting at the day school, in which I will be orientated on all things artsy, grade school, and child-like...(do they have a school uniform guideline for teachers? i sure do hope so) I am so incredibly excited to be diving, headfirst, into this next adventure in my life, with only a pair of floaties in the form of art books, paint brushes, hours of time spent with kids, and the mantra " i cannot control everything and everyone in this room, i cannot control everything and everyone in this room." I have come to this conclusion after teaching art all summer long, and quickly finding out that 15, five to nine year olds have a way of helping you realize that no matter how much you plan for a class or their art to go one way, sometimes you just have to let go, let flow, and let them help you discover something that wasn't necessarily on the "lesson plan." (don't worry though....if I will be teaching your child art- I won't let them eat paper and glue...I do have SOME control. : )

let's see what else....weddings!!! how could i forget?! I feel as if I have a ginormous checklist, with each of my girlfriends' name on it, and one-by-one, am checking them off to new last names and newlywed bliss.

I had the honor to be in two of my beautiful friends' weddings, and both of them were absolutely wonderful. SO much planning and thinking (and money!) goes into this one day, and I can't even imagine how perfect every bride wants it to be. But if there is one thing I have learned through osmosis on weddings, it's that once the day comes, you just have to let it unfold. (is there a theme I'm beginning to see here...hmmmmmmm : )

"I do" and dancing and eating and bouquets, something blue, and lots and lots of l.o.v.e. A wedding really is an incredibly special day....and I have loved to be able to witness such a BIG moment in my friends' lives. Cheers to enjoying the beautiful roller coaster of life together...with ups, downs, twists, turns, loops, and laughs!

What else, what else......(recapping two months is a LOT harder to do than you'd think...i mean, that's nearly 60 days, which is 1,440 hours, or 86,400 minutes, or.....ok- I'll stop. basically- it's a long time : )

Well, true to life, I am being summoned to the patio to dig my hands in some hot pink playdoh with little miss birthday t-shirt wearing, Jourdan and so-super-excited-to-start-school-i-can-hardly-control-myself, Ryan! Man, sometimes, or really quite often these days, I have these moments when I am covered in paint, or building snowmen (yes, in the middle of 105 degree Texas summers, kids, and myself included, do remember the good ol' snowmen : ) and I think "THIS is my life?" and I can't help but smile, feel nothing but gratitude and thanks, and then roll up my sleeves and hope to create my very own masterpiece.

More to follow. "I"m commmmmmmmmming girls!" : )

.to a beautiful life.

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