right where i'm meant to be

hola! so in true random caitlin fashion, this little update is going to be a bit all over the place. like a grab-bag of likes, loves, jobs, discoveries, passions, concerts, family and friends...if you will.

where to begin? similarly to how i read magazines (weird tidbit about myself- i'll admit) let's start from the back and work towards the front. in other words, we'll begin with this weekend...

10:30 A.M. last Thursday, while sitting on my couch, checking my email, watching the Today show, the most random of thoughts somehow made its way to the front of my brain. hard task for that little idea.

"what if i FLY home this weekend???? as in TOMORROW?? and maybe SURPRISE my family??? and buy tickets to the edwin mccain concert? and just SHOW UP?"

yes. that was the thought. and it only cost me a few HUNDRED dollars...my mother making a scene in the middle of the restaurant, and a few minor spaz moments trying to think EVERY detail through just to make sure the surprise went off without a hitch. and it did!

point in case- do something random, totally unplanned, crazy, out of this world sort of thing every once in a while. my family was so happy to see me, edwin played the best i've ever seen him play (out of all SIX times i've seen him-yes, i'm obsessed), and i got to see my Boston and St. Louie loves. you never know what the outcome will be, but you have to first do it to find out : )

oh- i forgot to mention, or maybe my brain is trying to not focus on this fact....i also flew home because it was my little sister's LAST weekend at home before she heads off to college. sweet home alabama here she comes! (Lord please keep my family and the entire car filled with sheets, pillows, room decor, socks, clothes, hangers, a fridge, and small TV all safe as they drive south. thank you.) my little sister is about to begin the next chapter of her life, and i am so excited to see where life leads her. in the meantime, i need to google just what exactly a "badger" is. i mean, i know the horned frog is not that popular of a mascot species, but the badger...yes, googleing that now : ) love you tandis reigh. oh and if you get hungry...eat some pasta no con broccoli!

p.s. the pic is just the three of us this weekend at home. or really four. if you count beckham. sibling love. priceless.

hmmmmm.....it's past 9. oh my, actually past 10. ok- i can do this. i can write at this late of an hour. (yes, i know. this is late for me.) OH! it's official. i (re)signed the contract, turned in my W4, and made my door sign - I. am. a teacher. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Two signs hang on my door welcoming the children to "ART: Miss Baker." now THAT will make a 23 year old girl feel old. being called by my last name all day? this will take some getting used to.

i can already tell how wonderful and positive this teaching experience will be. the day school is an incredible place, with loving people, a true sense of discipleship and faith that is felt the minute you walk into the building, and a whole set of blessings that have yet to be discovered. all i can say for SURE right now is, i am right where i am meant to be. and that feeling is one of the most comforting feelings i think anyone can feel. from losing my job, to RANDOMLY walking into A Little Artsy one February day, to an interview and job offer all in the same day at the day school, and now i have an entire classroom to myself?!? life. i love it. when it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

sorry, but that's all my cheez-it feeding fingers can type right now. part three will be coming soon. promise. until then, do something crazy. feel like flying to cali (or costa rica) next week? do it. (or maybe just drive to austin-that's a little more practical : )

all my love and happiness.

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