dOn't wOrRy, bE hApPy

do you ever just have that feeling when you are happy, just for the sake of being, happy??? (i truly believe that being happy is a choice, and well, choosing to be happy just makes life better. at least, it does mine)

i sure hope your answer is YES, and if not- then go do what makes you happiest RIGHT now! teachers orders (ooooh la la, i can actually say that now with some authority and half-way seriousness : )

This week has been a lot less crazy busy than last week....which I am very thankful for; I don't know if I could handle more late-night swamp painting or wedding reception debacles (although I apparently passed the test for assuming JLO responsibility and making sure everyone had a great time. i even told the valet when they could go home, helped David pick up the generator for the band, and confidently calmed down the owner of the venue when he asked why there were still guests inside at such a late hour. no worries pal, i'll have them out in ten. and i did.)

I think I'll recap some of the little things that have made this week so great, so full of life, made me oh so happy. Think about yours, write them down, tell a friend, smile just because, laugh a little too hard, soak up some sun, and rock out to your favorite song (so maybe i just suggested to you some of my favorite things, but i promise- they'll brighten your day. even for just a moment!)

i lOvE....

1. the word amazing
2. meeting new people
3. listening to stories and sharing in another person's life
4. buying tickets to concerts and listening to their music all week long
5. writing.
6. painting funky fishes and flowers
7. mapquest
8. realizing that your past is preparing you for your future
9. best friends
10. mascara
11. fresh flowers
12. love in my heart, peace in my soul
13. edwin
14. sitting outside on summer nights
15. reading a magazine back to front
16. hugs (and kisses too)
17. old t-shirts
18. country songs about your chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, and a pair of jeans that fit JUST right

and the list could go on and on...

dream big, do what you love, open your heart to the world, and see what fills it <3

happy weekend!

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