what i'll do for money. it makes me smile : )

let me begin, by of course clarifying that this post is P.G. I mean, I sometimes could be considered crazy for "jobbing" the way I do, but don't worry- I haven't taken to the streets yet. (100% sarcasm there.)

believe you me, there is NEVER a dull moment in my life. i really am convinced that the randomness that makes up the 24 hours in my each and every day is in fact providing the PERFECT, hilarious, sometimes insane material for which to cover the pages of something along the lines of "Eat. Pray. Love." and entertain the likes of readers who well, enjoyed "Eat. Pray. Love." (and I think I'll call it "Cats. Kids. Construction paper." sounds catchy right?

WHY do I always say "yes!" and it's not even like "oh, sure, OK," it's a "YES" of complete enthusiasm and eagerness. If only I had a crystal ball. the yes factor as I like to call it, is the single most reason why I find myself surrounded by...you guessed it - kids, cats, and construction paper.

Before I go into extreme Caitlin detail (i use words to paint pictures, i can't help it)...please know that I am SO thankful for each of these opportunities, jobs, experiences. i love every second of them. They are keeping me afloat, around (Dallas), and well, alive. OK- not really alive, but alive in the sense of keeping me going and providing me with emotional and financial stability. But when you are lying in bed at 1 AM thinking about what you just did for the past 10 hours and can't help but laugh, out loud, to yourself, you know there is reason to write and share.

The inspiration for this post lies in these two simple ingredients. construction paper. and scissors. do you think future employers would find this newly discovered "skill" one that sets me apart from the rest? I even promise to use the kindergarten safety scissors so as to not bring on a workers comp situation here.

I was up until midnight, and back up at 7 AM this morning, to meticulously cut out over 130 purple, green, and yellow construction papered crocodiles and possums. That was after we finished the pelicans, turtles, (made from the pattern of an igloo- hey, you have to work with what you have in a vacation bible school time crunch) and raccoons. I thought my fingers were going to fall off.

To back up a bit, I have added another job to my plate. A local event planning company called me up and asked if I could help them out this week. What do you know....I said "YES!" Therefore, this week, I will be helping to decorate Louisiana Bayou style for Vacation Bible School at a local church, help set up for "Wiggin out with Ellen's" 40th surprise birthday party (it's a wig party. should be memorable.), and to finish off my duties for the week, I will be, and I quote "in charge" of a wedding on Saturday night. I have already popped in THE WEDDING PLANNER and am taking note from Ms. Lopez on how to properly make sure the FOB is on time, there aren't any video taping obstructions (we ARE in texas. i.e. BIG hair.), and that the DJ breaks at the right time to allow for cake cutting. I swear, my friends don't even flinch when I tell them my latest and greatest. It's more like..."what are you doing NOW, caitlin?"

And that brings us back to 11 AM (now) and I have already watched my two adorable little munchkins, rode rocket ships at the park, got rained on, bribed them with a "special cookie treat" from Celebrity, got even more soaked, and watched Hanna Montana. This afternoon holds teaching art classes in which I will educate the little artsies of the world (www.alittleartsy.com) on Van Gogh and Picasso, and release my inner ar-tist (said with a classic French accent : )

I can only pray dear God that I don't have any run-ins with cats (I don't know if my tired brain can handle these creatures today), or a terrible wig experience at the party tonight. But of course, I welcome them with open arms.

All in the name of money. I mean, love for life. (really, it is the latter.)

smiles and sunshine. off to go dodge puddles on this rainy day. on second thought, maybe i should run through a few.

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