me? a teacher? why not!

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ~Pablo Picasso

Pablo says it all.

And this quote couldn't more perfectly capture the connection between children and art and me - at this moment in my life - any better.

Today, I signed the contract that entitles me to my very own classroom, my first smock (how's THAT for a uniform), the joy of children, and a new title: miss caitlin.

This isn't a joke (for those of you who know know me....I can see why you could think i'm joking) but yes, I, in fact, can check off "impact the little childrens of the world by becoming an art teacher" on my life's list of things to do (ok, so I just added it to the list yesterday. i like to check things off of lists, OK!) and boy is this one very RANDOM, UNEXPECTED, EXCITING, WONDERFUL thing to add to my list.

Through the incredible chain of events in life, of one person, place, and thing leading to another....I called, interviewed, prayed, talked it out, and accepted the position of being the one and only (scary) art teacher at a day school about five miles away. Do I have any teaching experience? NO. (i write. and advertise. and publicly relate.) Where did I student teach? Well, um, I didn't. And what is your teaching style? Gosh, let's see....finger painting, does that count?!

You get the picture. And so do I. This funny, ironic story totally proves that even though you THINK you may like or dislike something or have this path planned for yourself, if you step back, and let life unfold as it's supposed to, then the farthest thing from your imagination can walk right up in front of your face, greet you with a brief hello, and welcome you into its' home (or school, in this case.) But I couldn't be more thrilled to be surrounded by the sweet, simple, innocence of children this coming school year (oh and it's only 2 days a week...so I will still have plenty of entertaining stories from the other 400 areas of my life), to learn and grow as a person, and to help both them, and myself, remain an artist as we grow up.

From nannying, to teaching summer art camp classes at A Little Artsy (see pictures below), to now being responsible for a few hundred kids weekly art experience...the progression of children entering into my life, I think (i KNOW) has definitely crescendoed into something that has yet to reveal it's true purpose and fulfillment in my life. I can only imagine what is in store : )

Another random day in the life of caitlin. with blessings beyond belief and my power flickering on and off...this is one happy girl.

Hmmmm...."Cats. Kids. Construction paper."...I think I'll have quite the material to write a few more chapters with this new occupation of mine: )

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