what i love about ME. (no. YOU.)

All my female friends and readers out there, I know you have seen and probably skimmed over this short and simple "self-lovin" blurb in Marie Claire. As for you guys out there, basically it's a 15-or-so word quote from eight to 10 women who all live in the magazine's pick city, and they share their "I used to hate my bumpy nose, but when I realized that it's the same as my mother and grandmothers, now I wouldn't trade it for the world," or "I don't leave the house without mascara and lip gloss- it makes me feel ready to take on the day," type of sentiments. Some are sillier than others, but to each individual person, they hold a lot of meaning and worth and are qualities that they have come to LOVE, find beautiful, and embrace.

And that is the reason for this entry. In this fast-paced, incredibly critical of one's self, and botox foreheaded world we live in, I think it's important for each of us to take a moment to stop and think about what we really LOVE about ourselves. What makes you you. What no one else can claim as their own. And then write it down and share it with the world. Hey - why not? : )

So I want you to do that. Even if you don't want to share it with me on here, I want you to think about the most random or obvious, silly or serious, little or big, thing that you LOVE LOVE LOVE about yourself. I think you may be amazed at how once you define this unique and wonderful thing about yourself, you will start to recognize some positive feelings and random life moments that will be continual reminders of why not only YOU love your ears, double-jointed thumb, toes, positive outlook on life, or the way you get slightly addicted or emotional to TV shows (I didn't say it had to be positive), but that the world loves it too.

As for me....what do I love about me? My blue eyes, my recently discovered curly hair, my relationship with God, and my freckles that keep popping up in new places.

Weird. Random. Silly. Serious. I want to hear it all.

To a beautiful life. and all of the things we love about ourselves.

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ryan said...

i love the fact that i am incredibly emotional, yet i embrace it. and i love that i define the world by my own terms and standards. also, i love that i am a mini-person. haha.