the simple things.

"The sun, the moon, the stars
The beating of two hearts
How I love the simple things
The simple things just are..."

oh the simple things. simple pleasures. simple life. i think everything really is just better when it's...simple.

Every day there are nearly hundreds of things that make me smile, laugh, ponder, appreciate, dance to, stare at, or just enjoy, and often, they are so darn SIMPLE. I wonder if I stop and notice them all.....

When I go home to Missouri to my middle of nowhere, neighborless, on top of the hill, after the chicken farm, even with the horizon, beautiful home....it always gives me this "simple life" sort of feeling. That one where you aren't checking your email 887 times a day, or stressing over this and that and who and what and where, or whether or not I brushed my teeth after each meal (ok-slight exaggeration). But more like that take in the scenery, slower paced, worry free, more laid-back, soak up the sun, sort of simple life.

Hope you've had a wonderful Earth day and were/are able to enjoy the many beautiful, simple things that our Earth gives us.

cheers to the simple life.