Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show....

"C as in Cat, B as in Bee, X as in X-Ray, Q as in Quail, J as in Jam, I as in Igloo..."

This is what I have been doing with my life the past three weeks, and boy do I have some MEGA catch up writing to do. (I hope that made you smile. No lie...B as in BEE?)

But let's back up first. Since my last post a month ago (I sincerely apologize my beloved readers), I have come back tanned, employed, and celebrity-sited...OUT!

Mexico was PERFECT! It further supported the fact that I must live near the ocean...soon, and that I have officially caught the travel bug (perfect tag line there, Travel Channel.) I can't wait to start exploring all of the beautiful places that this world has to show me.

I (along with Ry and her parents) did nothing but sit by the pool, ocean, pool, ocean, and literally FRIED my poor, little, un-tanned, wintered self to a burnt crisp. That's ok though....I am now reaping the benefits. We didn't leave our lovely resort, taught some English to sweet little Gerardo (he had one MONTH to learn or he lost his job), and got in a man-made cage with a hammerhead shark. Not really sure what I was thinking...but no worries, I am still alive and in the process of holding the shark and attempting to smile for a picture, we donated a dollar to the "save a shark/give my money away to the kind Mexican boy shark-handler" and went on with our day : )

My computer is still unfunctionable...it has even taken away my iTunes. NOT OK. And my IPOD broke while on vacation - double trouble. But it's all right...thanks to this 5-week job I am jobbing at, in due time I will replace these sweet little gadgets.

And that is the perfect segue to entertain you with my newest little job. (Not to be confused with my morning nannying, or afternoon PR writing, or teaching art classes on the weekends...) no- this newest full-time, short-time, job is for the USA Film Festival. I hold the title of guest coordinator and am responsible for booking all of the airfare/hotel/drivers/transportation/hosts etc, etc, for each of the guests coming in for their perspective films.

We just released the schedule a couple of night's ago...here's a brief blogger recap.


So yep- that's been my story the past few weeks. For all those who know me and my love/hate relationship with movies...please tell me how ironic this job is??? Good thing I'm only booking the actors and not having to repeat lines back to them : ) The hours are long and late. Literally, 10 to 11 hour days, no breaks, and I leave around 9:30PM. But I am definitely getting to know those American Airlines reps and we are sure coming up with some funky words to represent each letter of the alphabet. Note to self- "F as in PHONE"....does not work.

What else, what else? Oh! The "celebrity-siting" part. So I am at lunch a couple of weeks ago at The Porch (delish) with my friend Ashley, and mid-bite, she stops and says "That's Laura Bush. And Jenna Bush." And it was! Her and her whole Bush crew were walking out of the restaurant. Minus Georgey. Darn. Apparently it's Mrs. Bush's favorite spot in Dallas (NO Mr. Waitor, I did NOT pick up the newest copy of D Magazine to have previously known that.) So that was pretty exciting.....now I just have to find George shopping at Central Market and I can claim to have "hung out" with the entire Bush family. ha. ha.

And then Sunday night, thanks to my super posh and cool Cali girls (known as LP and SMM)...we hung out with Shaq and the Phoenix Suns. Steve Nash shook my hand. Definitely a fun night. Pictures will be shown as soon as I can upload them.

Ray Liotta, Thomas Haden Church, Juanita Moore, Emmet Walsh, Brian Cox, Paul Williams- we're on a first name basis as well. (kidding kidding) But I will be meeting them here in a few weeks and can't wait to do so, because that will mean everyone arrived safely, my job is done, and I can (praying that I stay awake) sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

There's me in the past month. I'm sure I'm leaving some tid-bit out, but the ticket lady just thanked me for holding, so I better get back to work (again. kidding.)

I can't wait for summer, and to see what it holds. Oh this crazy, uncertain, wonderful, random, beautiful time of life. How I love it. Wishing you a happy day and rest of your week.

smiles, sunshine, and love to all.

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