lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!

What did we do before we had COMPUTERS, the INTERNET, iTUNES, all of this crazy, amazing, way-to-smart-for-me technology???

so for all of you dedicated blog readers of mine (or am I the only person who keeps increasing the number for the "profile viewed" section? darn it) ...my beloved laptop has been infiltrated by the computer nerds. or rather, it has a bug. a bad bug. a virus in fact. multiple. and they have completely ruined my laptop. sad. I feel as if I've lost my left arm.

therefore, I haven't been able to write this past week, nor will I be able to write for the next couple of weeks as I am headed south to soak up the sun (did I mention that I love love love the beach and ocean. oh yes- I do!) and as soon as I return my very best Bostonian, Sarah, and my favorite Nelly (not THE Nelly, but close) are flying down to visit me. Busy woman I am!

But no worries, I will be writing down every silly, random, funny, funnier, hopefully nothing too tragic, sort of memory down- and will retell all when I return. Actually, more realistically, when I get a new computer, or cave and let the Geek Squad try their genius at it. (Note: do they really have to look like the Men in Black with those uniforms? just asking.)

That's my update. The weather today is just beautiful. Last week's rain made the grass that fresh, perfect color of green, and the birds are chirping outside the window as I listen to some "One Love" by Bob. time for you to turn on pandora? I think so.

enough about me.

enjoy your next few weeks. send me some stories. share me some smiles. sing a silly song. (the letter of the day: "S" : )

oh and I was sort of kidding with the whole feeling like my left arm fell off comment. It's actually kind of nice to not be attached to this thing. My eyes are thanking me, my fingers aren't increasing their chances of getting carpal tunnel, and my facebook status said the same thing for about four days. and I am ok with that. try it. you might enjoy the break.

Mexico....here I come. I hope we get along : )

.to a beautiful life.

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Jessica Elliott said...

I read your blog. You, my sweet friend, are beautiful! Enjoy your vacation! xoxoxo