time flies....when life is living

A year ago today, approximately five hours from now, I walked across the stage, shook a few important people's hands, received my diploma, and officially completed my college career.

Oh what I would do to go back....just for even a day : )

But just one day. Because the other 364 days of this past year- I KNOW....they were exactly as they were meant to be, I was exactly where I was meant to be. The beautiful insanity of life was doing it's thang...just as it was meant to be.

I never for a second would have imagined that I would have started my first "real-world" job, been laid-off a few months later, fallen in love with the ideas and thoughts of little kids, decorated my little bungalow with my own sense of chic and contemporary style, traveled to Mexico, met a few celebrities, been invited to LA from a few strange men (don't worry-I'm not going)...had every technological appliance I own break, survived three flat tires, had a beautiful conversation with a homeless man, watched my little sister decide which college she's headed to in August, laugh, cry, love, forgive, and best of all....smile. a lot. What a year it's been.

If I could have gone back and planned my last year of livin' since moving from Fort Worth to Dallas, since shifting from an oh so knowledgeable senior, to bottom of the totem pole employee, from someone who thought they knew where they were headed in life, to know not even knowing the greatness that is in store from tomorrow....gosh- what a boring year that would have been.

I've learned a lot....and have realized more than ever, that just when you think you have a plan- the stars, fate, your faith, your left foot, whatever it is that you let guide you- it comes in, rocks your world, shakes things up, and leads you right in the direction that you least expected. and you know what....it's often filled with such amazing moments, stories, and lessons- that you can't help but see clearly now "the rain is gooooone" (sorry- tangent) that when days go by, and time is flying, then that is when you are truly living life. just as you're meant to be living it.

to a beautiful life.

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