a good conversation. listening. learning.

for as much as i love words, and writing, and can sure as heck blab with the best of those chatty-kathy's out there.....i much prefer to listen.

this week i have been blessed with some really great conversations. i have learned not to take a deep, meaningful, full of thinking and asking and understanding....but most importantly, LISTENING, conversation - for granted.

i've talked with anna about family and dreams and the daily episodes that come with babysitting and working with children. we laughed and cried a little, we smiled when we knew EXACTLY what the other person was thinking without even having to finish the sentence. we understood one another and let a few open and honest conversations become the glue to our friendship that i know will last a long time.

i've talked with sweet little kiddos about legos, and fast cars, about how yeast helps to make bread rise and how belly-flops REALLY do hurt your belly. i've listened to them sing songs on the radio about love and life events they have yet experience, but with passion and strong-lungs, they belt out those words like tina turner.

i've listened to rachel talk about her pediatrics rotation in medical school and how she witnessed the birth of a 23 week old baby. i immediately thought of how thankful i am for my health and can only pray that a few years down the road when i have children, they are healthy little rascals as well.

i've talked with geno about this summer and the great memories we've had. about past life events that have deeply shaped who we are today, yet know without a doubt they are all a part of god's plan for our lives. we've laughed and made fun of each other. we talked about what-ifs and the future - yet i can't help but just stop and remember to live in THIS moment, the present, and take in each second that we have together, as well as each second i spend with another person.

i've learned that special moments, simple moments, often come when you least expect it....and for those moments, especially this week, i am thankful.

hope you are having a wonderful weekend! i know i am : ) and when it gets a little hectic or stressful or busy, remember to just stop and listen. you never know what you may hear. and if nothing else, that quiet moment could be exactly what you need.

.to a beautiful life.

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