hello blog world! it's me again. i would attempt to "look back" and try my very best to capture what the past four-or-so months have held...but then i get really overwhelmed when trying to remember every single 'what i ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner' detail, so i decided against it, and will instead just look forward! (i know what you're thinking...."thank the LORD she spared us the details!! - you're welcome : )

therefore, after watching previews for this movie.....i thought it would be most appropriate to start blogging again (did i mention that i have been computer-less for the past 6 months?!? really makes blogging difficult. i do apologize. but now i'm back in business....so i hope you're ready to read my crazy, often impulsive, silly, somewhat deep thoughts. wow- that sounds intense. i promise to keep it light.ish.)

anywho....back to the movie i can't wait to see. i DO know for certain that the past four months have involved a LOT of eating (more than i'd like to admit but mmmmm so good), many prayers sent upward, and a whole lotta love <3 three of my favorite things, which is why i am super excited to see the movie!

more of those details that i mentioned i would refrain from sharing will probably be shared in the next few posts....but until then....i will leave you with this quote that perfectly captures the thoughts swirling around in my head....

"I want to go someplace where i can MARVEL at something....."

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