down on the county line...

home. it seems like the more time i spend away from this place, the more i miss it. in fact - i miss it a lot.

there is something so comforting about coming back to this place, this city, these people.....and it all being so familiar, so the same. the same as when i left it five years ago. the same as when i come back every christmas and summer. some things really do never change- and for a girl who embraces change (maybe a little too much)....i love that about my st.louis life.

i watched the cards sweep the cubs, the sister graduate, four new pairs of shoes have been purchased (nordstroms is my weakness), paul blart:mall cop has been watched more times than i'd like to admit, i was pulled over (without fail this happens EVERY time i come home-if i can hang with texas drivers, i think i should be able to make a right turn without having a nice little chat with officer wagner), i've walked the hills of labadie, ATV'd on gravel roads, and wished best friends off to arizona.

home. the simple, countryish, laid-back life that reminds me why i enjoy spending time here, with the people i love most.

and so now i pack up, and fly back to good ol' texas. with big city lights, southern drawls, extreme heat, and cowboy boots in every color and shape. i love this place too, but i'm going to have to agree with dorothy on this one...because there's no place like home.

.to a beautiful life.

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