send the world a smile

Happy Monday!

So many thoughts running through my head. The weekend provides a myriad of blogging topics to write about, but today, something kept happening. I kept smiling. I kept seeing strangers smiling. I turned on the radio and Robin Thicke was singing to me about smiling. Therefore, let's chat smiles.

Literally, as I drove down the road, the song lyrics, "Why do people smile when no one's smiling?" echoed into my ears as I watched a man, walking by himself quickly down the sidewalk, wear the biggest smile I have ever seen, which then made me smile. And this morning, I was at home, watching the Today show, and I started laughing. alone. out loud. cracking up. I felt half crazy, half so carefree and happy that I wanted to keep smiling ALL DAY LONG. And I don't know if it was the beautiful weather (45 degrees is my perfect temperature. remember...I'm not from Texas friends), or the fact that I got to see some of my favorite people, but today was just a day full of smiles.

There is something so very genuine and simple and beautiful about the smile. I love that a true smiling champion wears the proud badge of "smile wrinkles" in their cheeks, that a smile is almost always 100% contagious, and that it is the smile that is often the doorway into a person's world.

Have you smiled today? Hopefully, a million times over.

And who knows, maybe because you smiled today at that person behind you in the Target line or next to you at the gas pump, then they smiled back, and the smile chain gets started.

Send the world a smile. Even if it's written in sand. You never know who's looking : )

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