$50.96 plus tax

No, that's not the total of my grocery bill or guilty purchase at Anthropologie.....it is in fact, the cost of my very own, self-designed....business cards. And yes, I feel special now. And very official. why does a 2 x 3.5 piece of paper all of a sudden make you feel like you are someone important? (maybe because now I can enter myself into one of those "business card" drawings by placing my glossy little card into a big glass bowl at the checkout of Chipotle or Potbelly's. to win what....a free MONTH of Chipotle? Now THAT's special : )

Anywho, yes, today was the day that I finally sat down and designed some business cards for myself. Being the very indecisive person that I am...I created four different options. And all four are currently being printed and will be picked up at 8:00 tomorrow morning. I don't have a favorite, they are all a little different (although, I may possibly like the crayon one more than the flower one?)

If you're lucky enough to engage in a rather awkward moment with me, you know - meet, greet, move hand to the pant or coat pocket if you're a male, or the Coach, $200.00, purple, leather official business card holder that is buried at the bottom of your purse if you're a female, to "grab your business card" and exchange it with me....then maybe you'll be able to see one of them. Just. One. (if you haven't watched Anjelah Johnson's Nail Salon skit on YouTube....you need to watch it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsWrY77o77o You'll be laughing out loud and will definitely pay more attention the next time you get a mani/pedi. Or eyebrow wax for you men out there.)

That was the highlight of my day. Business cards. In my currently "unemployed" world.....I have begun to realize that it is time to get my name, my story, my writing, ME, out there. Uncomfortable, hard, so not fun, and a bit scary? Yes, yes, yes. And yes. However, VERY necessary if I want anyone to believe in my abilities and know my name. as well be able to contact me years from now when they need a writer, nanny, errand runner, advertising/marketing specialist, event planner, dental receptionist, or all of the above.

So tomorrow, at 8 AM, I will be the proud owner, keeper, and giver-outer of my personalized Caitlin Baker business cards. And you better believe that I hope to be meeting, greeting and selling myself to the world, all the while handing them out - one by one. All for $50.96, plus tax.

There better be a good return on investment on this puppies. Oh and if you really do want one of your own, just mail me a self-addressed-stamped envelope.



what a beautiful day. to a beautiful life.

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