a new perspective

There is something so refreshing and rejuvenating about looking at life from a different angle. Even from just a few feet to the left, or from above, or from behind a new pair of Walgreens aviator sunglasses. It seems so simple, yet, we often get comfortable with what is, what was, how we have habitually looked at the world in the past. But take for a moment, how you feel after traveling to a new city or country? After walking down a different part of the trail? After reading a magazine from back to front, instead of front to back (or is it only me that likes things backwards?) There is a certain firework of feelings that is ignited from deep inside of you, excites you, breaths life into your bones. The newness, the things you are experiencing for the first time, the air around you that is being breathed in for the first time and awakening your lungs. But we don't have to travel to Aruba (although I wouldn't turn down an offer to go), or climb to the top of Mount Everest in order to view life from a new perspective.

A friend of mine once gave me quite the compliment, all the while helping me to learn a little more about myself. While discussing the fact that I have never traveled outside of the United States, she said "But you live each day like you are on vacation. You don't need to fly hundreds of miles to appreciate the home and life you have here, now." I sat there quite befuddled...and simply said "thank you," while continuing to think about our conversation as I drove home.

Did I really do that? Do I live that way? I imagine that this, my daily conscience outlook on life, was such a part of me, that I didn't see anything special or different about it (not that there is anything special or different about it.) The point here is this- choose to make small changes, on a daily basis, in your life, to view life from a new perspective. You have no idea what a gift it is, that you could be giving yourself, your spirit, and the beautiful life you are meant to be living.

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