a blank slate

Each of us are basically a blank slate. From the day we were born, until the day we die, we are - a blank, white, clean canvas. From the moment you say "hello" to someone, you get to pick which brush strokes and colors and paints and drawings you are going to use to paint a picture of yourself. We meet each new person, each new situation, each new challenge, without any pre-conceived opinions or notions (well, for the most part.) As humans, we are making the conscience decision to either paint a beautiful masterpiece, a swirl of muddy brown finger paints (although a good finger painting is indeed a work of art : ) - or something in-between. As I said before, from "hello," from the start of each new day - the painting begins. And it is up to us to live and act and think and dream in such a way that not only paints a beautiful portrait of ourselves, but also is something that the eyes and hearts of those who are viewing this not-to-long-ago blank slate, as something they want to hold onto forever, cherish, appreciate, and can respect the hard work and character that has gone into creating it. It is up to us to decide- what colors will we use, which brush strokes will we paint, and what portrait will we be proud to hang on the mantel? (ok- really, the refrigerator). Today's blank slate is hung up to dry. What will tomorrow's look like?

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