do you ever have those days.......

in which you think "what the heck am i doing with my life, there are too many things i have on my mind, i wish people would just be nice all the time, my laundry is piling up, and i think it may rain two fridays from now (i don't do rain on fridays.)" well- that's been my week. and rain on friday is ok, in fact, it will help create the perfect environment for me to curl up on my couch with my box of reduced-fat cheez-its and watch all my shows from the week. bring on the rain!

not complaining. simply letting out a little steam. er, fire?

so to combat these before mentioned feelings, i ran for the first time in oh....about 5 months. it felt great! brought back lots of memories of hitting the pavement last summer. let's see, what else did i do? i have also tried on a bridesmaid dress, helped an elderly lady driving an escalade (that gets a WTF?!?) remove the 200 pound trashcan that she was dragging from the front grill of her car, fed, changed, and put to sleep a baby I barely know (don't ask...please), driven through a monsoon with faulty windshield wipers which led me to pull over in the Jack in the Box parking lot to wait for the storm to pass only to sit there for 45 minutes, order some curly fries, and head back home....and that's just the beginning of my week on top of the normal teach classes at the studio and day school sort of events. i just grew a gray hair typing all this : )

sometimes I feel like superwoman. all in a days work. no big deal at all. or so i tell myself. cheers!

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